Amazon says E-Books for Kindle Now Outselling Printed Books

I bought an Amazon Kindle a couple of years ago. I like to try out new things. A lot of them end up in a sock drawer, but my Kindle has become one of my most prized possessions.

I’ve got 200+ books on my Kindle and I’ve used it while bush-walking and traveling. It holds a charge for weeks. Today, if someone offers me a paper book I’ll kindly thank them and decline – opting to get the eBook version for my Kindle instead.

I like the Kindle better than paper books because I find it easier on my eyes to read. I can adjust the font to a size that is very easy to read without glasses (at 52 my vanity is challenged by small print). I also like it because I can get almost any title and get it without having to go shopping. Unfortunately, there are restrictions on the available titles when you live in Australia, but that can be side-stepped by claiming an address in the United States.

Today, Amazon gave this announcement, “By July 2010, Kindle book sales had surpassed hardcover book sales, and six months later, Kindle books overtook paperback books to become the most popular format on Today, less than four years after introducing Kindle books, customers are now purchasing more Kindle books than all print books – hardcover and paperback – combined”.

What’s a Kindle got to do with website design…. Nothing really. Just thought it was an interesting observation that in a changing world – paper books are being challenged. And yes, most Kindles have limited ability to browse the Internet – someone could actually see your website on a Kindle.

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