Botaba Bed and Breakfast in Port Stephens

Botaba Bed and Breakfast has been an Online Bookings customer for many years.  We’ve just helped them upgrade their website presence with a new website built on BurgundySky.  This website incorporates a few new techniques using iframes.

An iframe is a way to have a web-page inside a web page.  There are a couple of page types that open without the normal navigation features: Image Gallery, Map and Booking System. In their natural form, they open like a pop up.  That works, but you lack some advantages such as being able to use Page Titles, add content useful for keywords and they just look better opened in the regular website.

In order to create content that is linked in an iframe, you would first create the original page and save it to a ‘hidden catagory’.  Then, create the page which will have the inserted iframe.  You can write whatever is needed above or below the iframe. To insert the iframe, you must switch to code view and insert the following:

<div><iframe align=”center” src=”″ width=”99%” scrolling=”no” height=”600″></iframe>

Change the src= to your targeted content and select the appropriate height.  Save your page and see if it worked.  If not, try resizing the original content or changing the size of the iframe.

By setting the width to equal a percentage rather than a fixed number, the frame will automatically size to fit the available space.  As you change templates, your space changes as well – sometimes breaking the display of the frame.  The height must always be a fixed number.

I personally don’t like iframes with content that doesn’t fit the space.  In the code example above, I added scrolling=”no”.  If the content was over-sized for the window, then scrolling = yes would allow the viewer to slide a bar from side to side or up and down to view all content.

Pages change with the template.  So, if you change the theme of a website be sure to check all pages to see if they still look good.

About Mark

Founder of Web Reservation Systems, focused on helping businesses in the Australian Accommodation travel sector get more value from Internet Marketing. Originally, we opened up in 2001 as a supplier of Front Office Software linked to Online Booking facilities. That allowed motels and hotels to add booking buttons to their websites as well as sell through Global Distribution Systems. You could say this was an early 'Channel Manager' because it allowed the property manager to simply control price and availability for a diverse array of wholesale and retails websites. Next, we started building websites to profile our customers (Australian Holiday Guide). That lead to building websites for customers as a favour. Now do about 80 websites a year using BurgundySky and Joomla. For small businesses I recommend using BurgundySky as it is very easy to start and manage. Joomla is also great, but harder to install and maintain for a small business. Our web design business is based in Byron Bay, NSW. Byron Bay is a great place to live and work. I have 2 kids (15 and 17) who are both born here and my wife, Shobhan Oliver) is a successful artist.
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