Convergence of Moblie Phones, Car Navigation and Internet

Clearly, when you get total convergence of Mobile Phones, GPS, Highspeed Internet, quality Internet knowledge databases that link together with real time information – you’ll have a very powerful device.  Something that will truly change the way we do things. As you might guess – Google is busy setting the stage with their new Android development platform.

Already, it’s pretty unusual to look for a pay phone to make a call or to look for services and phone numbers in the Yellow Page paper directory. All of a sudden, things just slip out of use without much fanfare until you hear an announcement like Kodak will stop making film for cameras.

Living in Australia, we get a glimpse of changes happening in other places thru the Internet.  Unfortunately, we don’t always get to use these cool new services because the infrastructure and demographics of Australia don’t always support change. But, sometimes it does and sometimes by watching development unfold in other places we can get prepared ahead of the competition.

Google’s Android Phone System will lead to some interesting new phones with amazing convergence.  Looks like Google will give a lot of technology away for free as they always do and that Android more of an operating system and open source style network than a specific product.

Here’s an example of what it will do:

Our focus is Accommodation Marketing. As you can see this Android phone will have a big impact upon how people find accommodation as these phones replace maps, guide books like Lonely Planet and NRMA.

I can easily imagine driving from Melbourne to Adelaide and asking the car computer to suggest places I can stop in a 1/2 an hour.  The phone would look at my location, travel direction and speed to judge where I could stop for food, and a night’s sleep. How do service providers develop or optimise their presentation to get maximum results?

It all sounds so ‘Star Trek’, but at the same time as networks get faster and the organization of information gets better – it is a progression that make sense and will arrive.

Of course, Apple’s iPhone will offer options, and Microsoft will try to develop something off the back of Bing.  But, Google looks like a juggernaut that will be hard to stop.  The fact that Android is being developed as an Open Source project that will feed into phones from suppliers like Nokia, Samsung and all the others is very compelling.  That should lead to an amazing array of products and services coming from a broad community.

So far so good.  Google has brought me so many really cool new services and features. Looking forward to Android and all the changes.

Beam Me Up Scotty!

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