Installing WordPress for a Pre-existing Website and the not being able to Log In

I’ve just set up a new hosting account and installed WordPress using Fantastico in CPanel. All that is great, but the website needs to be built first and then when it is ready I’ll re-delegate the domain from the old host to the new host.

That is pretty normal, but when you install WordPress Fantastico likes to input the domain name for the website – not the temporary domain name. So, the first time you try to log in to manage the site through the WordPress dashboard, you get log in errors because it keeps loading the wrong url.

If you’re like me, you are breaking things and then finding solutions to how you fix them all the time. And, if your like me every time you find the solution and fix the problem, 3 months later you break it again for another job and can’t remember how you fixed it before. Is this an early sign of Alzheimers or just standard???

So, here is a pretty good description of how to fix the problem. This one describes how to fix a WordPress Installation through Cpanel using phpMyAdmin. I know I’ve also fixed it by using an FTP program like Filezilla and grabbing a file and editing the details in notepad, but so far this seems to be easier. Not sure who wrote this description, but it is really well done and I found it on the BlueHost user forum. Thanks guys!

And then of course, I’ll probably have to fix it again when I delegate the domain. Perhaps another post?

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