New Website for Comfort Inn Maryborough Motel

Well, we’ve had a few Comfort Inns asking about website design this quarter which is good – a sign that things are picking up in the accommodation industry. Today we switched on the new website for Blue Shades Motel in Maryborough QLD.

Why Should a Choice Hotel have their Own Website?

As a Member of Choice Hotels these accommodation providers have a lot of services provided for them from the group. I’m sure the Comfort Inn head office would suggest that motels don’t need anything else, but really every business needs a dedicated website.

Advantages of a Dedicated Motel Website for a Member of a Chain:

  • Emails if nothing else. With a website you have a professional email address such as This looks good for guests and it saves a lot of trouble if you change Internet Service providers. Never use and anyone with a gmail email address looks very suspicious.
  • Better results with Search Engines. It will never hurt to have both the groups website listing and your own listing. The more you build up a direct marketing; the better your business will do in a competitive environment.
  • One Day you’ll leave Choice Hotels and when you have your own website the loss of Comfort Inn marketing won’t be as harsh. Sure there are always advantages of being a part of a group, but like anything it costs a lot and there are trade offs. Not only that, but sometimes the Groups give members notice that they are changing them to new branding such as EconoLodge and not everyone wants to change.

Blue Shade Motel In Maryborough

Maryborough Comfort InnThe Millers decided it was time to upgrade the website for Blue Shades. They wanted a fresher looking website that was easier to update and worked better with search engines.

Looking at options for a booking system, they decided to stop using ResOnline and switch to SiteMinder. Both options would integrate with the new website, but they felt the channel manager features of SiteMinder were better.

Blue Shades Motel has a lot to offer with accommodation, restaurant and conference facilities and features that make serve business travellers and guests seeking budget accommodation. The new website will provide all of these hotel amenities in an easy to understand marketing profile.

Having a website also reduces risk for Blue Shades Motel should they every leave Choice Hotels.

About Mark

Founder of Web Reservation Systems, focused on helping businesses in the Australian Accommodation travel sector get more value from Internet Marketing. Originally, we opened up in 2001 as a supplier of Front Office Software linked to Online Booking facilities. That allowed motels and hotels to add booking buttons to their websites as well as sell through Global Distribution Systems. You could say this was an early 'Channel Manager' because it allowed the property manager to simply control price and availability for a diverse array of wholesale and retails websites. Next, we started building websites to profile our customers (Australian Holiday Guide). That lead to building websites for customers as a favour. Now do about 80 websites a year using BurgundySky and Joomla. For small businesses I recommend using BurgundySky as it is very easy to start and manage. Joomla is also great, but harder to install and maintain for a small business. Our web design business is based in Byron Bay, NSW. Byron Bay is a great place to live and work. I have 2 kids (15 and 17) who are both born here and my wife, Shobhan Oliver) is a successful artist.
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