New Website for Goulburn Motel – Lilac City Motor Inn

Lilac City Motor Inn – a motel in Goulburn NSW; has just added a new website using Burgundysky’s latest free-form template.  This template is slightly different from the others because you have a wider array of design options.  You can set backgrounds, widths, navigation styles, banner images and site images.

Lilac City Motor Inn has engaged us to build a website, as well as working on local search optimization – hope to see it coming up soon at the top of search results. With any new website, it requires some work to develop links and get the Search Engines to index pages and rank them in results.

I just happened to be passing Goulburn, so I made a ‘quick and dirty’ video with my camera.  The sound could be a lot better.  We’ll probably upload a better video when we get one.  I’ve both embedded this video object on the home page and linked it to the motels Local Business Centre.  Adding an embedded element is said to give a web page better search results and certainly it helps wth ranking in Google Maps.  I’ve also Geo-located the video in YouTube so that it will display for Google Earth.

About Mark

Founder of Web Reservation Systems, focused on helping businesses in the Australian Accommodation travel sector get more value from Internet Marketing. Originally, we opened up in 2001 as a supplier of Front Office Software linked to Online Booking facilities. That allowed motels and hotels to add booking buttons to their websites as well as sell through Global Distribution Systems. You could say this was an early 'Channel Manager' because it allowed the property manager to simply control price and availability for a diverse array of wholesale and retails websites. Next, we started building websites to profile our customers (Australian Holiday Guide). That lead to building websites for customers as a favour. Now do about 80 websites a year using BurgundySky and Joomla. For small businesses I recommend using BurgundySky as it is very easy to start and manage. Joomla is also great, but harder to install and maintain for a small business. Our web design business is based in Byron Bay, NSW. Byron Bay is a great place to live and work. I have 2 kids (15 and 17) who are both born here and my wife, Shobhan Oliver) is a successful artist.
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