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Marissa Mayer talks about Google Maps 5, Contextual Discovery and other new directions for Local Search

Interview with Google’s Marissa Mayer where she describes Google’s new product directions for Local Search, Contextual Discovery and demonstrations of Google Maps for Mobile 5.0 Continue reading

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Maps for Mobile 5.0 for Android will Support Offline Maps

Google Maps released a new version Maps 5.0 which changes the way maps display and load on mobile phones. Because Maps will now use vectors instead of tiles, the level of detail and the ability to store maps changes. Details will include advantages like 3D mapping as well as the features seen today with Google Earth like the ability to tilt views. Continue reading

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Groupon, LivingSocial, Spreet – Local Ads and Group Purchase Deals in Australia

Local Ads thru Groupon, Spreets, LivingSocial.com and others will offer consumers new ways to buy discounted products from local suppliers. Amazon has now invested $175 million into LivingSocial and Google is rumoured to be buying Groupon for 5 to 6 billion dollars. How will you use Local Ads to attract customers as well as take advantage of deals for yourself? Continue reading

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Android Apps that make your Phone more Interesting for Local Search

Finding great app to search for local businesses that have the products you’re interested in. Apps like FaceBook Places and FourSquare involve your social network while apps like AroundMe offer a basic yet powerful search option. Continue reading

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Google Favourite Places and User Reviews

Google Favourite Places could have a big impact on your business. Continue reading

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